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Thread: Media Player Taking Long to Load

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    Media Player Taking Long to Load

    Using Media Player 11 on laptop with Vista. Lately I have been noticing Windows Media player takes a while to load the initial song that I double click on. After that every other one loads fine.... its just the first song that takes sometimes anywhere up to 15 seconds to load.

    Its really not too much of an inconvenience but I also run a Christmas light show program on this laptop that runs a display for me and the same thing happens with the first song of the program.

    Are there any settings I may be missing that may be causing this?

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    Could be related to your sound card. Try this:

    Go to Control Panel > Sound

    Select 'Speakers' and click the Properties button.

    On one of the tabs there should be an option to 'Disable Enhancements'. Tick the box and hit the Apply button then click OK and OK.

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