I'm helping a friend set up a new laptop after hers died. I've just finished setting up her email and did a test send / receive - only to discover that there are 23549 messages (1.09GB) trying to download! Obviously, she's had the "leave a copy on the server" option ticked for the last 2 years (since mid-2009), and now Outlook wants to download everything again. This is not bad per se (since she lost everything on the old laptop), but the server keeps timing out after 5-10 minutes, and when I restart the send / rx it starts from the beginning again. I've changed the time-out length to long, but that made no difference.

There is the option of having her ISP delete all the old mail, but she would prefer to download it and work through it so she can keep some of the important old mail. Is there no way to make Outlook just download the mail in blocks of X number of messages (say, 500 at a time) or using a MB count (like 100MB at a time)? I understand why the send / rx restarts from the beginning after the server times out, but there must be a way around this.

I've done a search on the web, but no one else seems to have wanted to do this before (which seems odd). Help please.