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Thread: Advice on my first-time PC build (i.e., will this stuff actually work?)

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    Advice on my first-time PC build (i.e., will this stuff actually work?)

    I'm sick of giving Dell my money and I want to build my next PC. :P This is my first ever build. I would appreciate all thoughts, concerns, and suggestions!

    I will use the rig for Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Sony Vegas (minimal use), DVD ripping, video converting, MKV playback, HD video streaming/playback, and some gaming (I don't care if it runs demanding games crazy good, just needs to run all games good).

    Here are my chosen parts:

    I plan to use the SSD for OS install, and the 2 HDDs in RAID 1. I was thinking 2x8GB RAM and then buy another 2x8GB when I have the cash or need the extra RAM in the future. At what point does RAM not really make an impact anymore for my use-case scenario?

    Still need to buy a monitor too. I was shooting for $1200 build, but I have to cap it at $1500 for sure. Again, appreciate any and all help!

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    looks like a monster system. I think with those quality parts it should handle anything you throw at it.

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