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Thread: CD/DVD drive problems

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    CD/DVD drive problems

    My DVD drive has started acting up.
    It reads some CD/DVD's but not others ??

    I have tried several, that I know have data on them and it won't read
    i.e., the pop up won't come up asking what you want to do with it or
    it won't automatically show the drive and files on it, and even if I go to
    computer and click on it it doesn't show anything.

    I get no errors or anything, when I place a CD/DVD in it it just blinks
    for a while, spins for a while but nothing happens, when I try
    another one it works fine.... I'ver tested several. Some work some don't.

    I run Vista and the drive is ASUS DRW-1814BLT

    I did check for driver updates, but it says the drive is good.

    Any ideas ?

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    I once had a drive that would only read disks that had been burned on that drive. I believed that the laser calibration was slightly off. CD/DVD burners are cheap. You can buy one for less than $20.

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    As efc said, it could be a dodgy (or dirty) laser.

    Another option is to update the firmware (not drivers). The latest version for that drive is 1.14. You can check the current version your's has via device manager.

    1.14 is available here

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    I did the DL and tried running it and got a popup saying "get drive modelname error"

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