Earlier this morning I wrote one of my "long winded" post. when I tried to preview the post Firefox crashed. So here is a shorter version.

I have recently upgraded my backup and test computer to virtually match my main machine. Both computers utilize an AM3+ motherboard, an AMD 4-core processor, and 4 GB memory. Benchmarks for the two machines are very close. My main now computer runs Linux Mint KDE version 12. A recent release of Mint 13 (maya) was a disappointment to me. The main release came with a choice of two desktop environments designated MATE and Cinnamon. Neither felt comfortable during use. I went back to the KDE desktop and am once again happy.

With the new faster test computer, I decided to re-test some distributions I had not been happy with during previous trials. One was PClinuxOS sometimes shortened to PClos. I must say that I found nothing to complain about with PClos. It also uses the KDE desktop. Developers have created a very attractive work environment. I can enthusiastically recommend PClos to the newbie.

easy install
user manual included
forum help
free PClinusOS online magazine