I have been an exclusive Linux user for several years. During the early part of that time period, most Linux sites suggested that there was no need for the non-business user to use Anti-virus software. I first started using av software eighteen months ago. While there were several packages available, I found all to be difficult to install and update. Clamtk was the first one that I got to work as advertised. It still required manual software upgrades, which made it inconvienent to use.

A recent computer talk show mentioned Comodo AV. The on-air discussion asserted that it was a capable av product and that there was a Linux version that worked just like the Windows version.

I can report that the install and initial updates were painless and scheduling set-up was straight forward.


-Detects and eliminates viruses from Linux based laptops and desktops
-Mail gateway blocks email-borne viruses and spam
-Features on-access, on-demand and cloud based scanning

-Virus definitions updated multiple times per day
-Simple to use : install and forget while Comodo Antivirus protects you in the background

Download Here