Ever see a Facebook status update, and think that the only way you can reply to it is with a photo? Now you can.

The social network on Wednesday began rolling out a new camera button that lets you reply to status updates with an image. The new feature is launching globally beginning today, coming first to the Web and mobile website, a spokesman with the social network told PCMag.

"Now you will be able to add photo comments to posts across the site," the spokesman said.

At this point, users of Facebook's mobile apps will be able to view photo comments but won't be able to post them from the app just yet. Facebook did not specify when the ability to post photo comments would be available from its apps.

The new feature was built by a group of Facebook engineers lead by Bob Baldwin during one of the company's hackathons. Baldwin first announced the news on his Facebook page this afternoon.

"When I'm talking with a friend, sometimes showing a photo helps me tell a story much better than words alone," he wrote. "If we're hanging out in person, I can show a photo from my phone, but on Facebook I'd have to post a link to a photo. Now, you'll be able to attach a photo directly when posting a comment. I hope this will make threads with friends more expressive and engaging."

PC Magazine