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Thread: random xp crashes. please help :(

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    Angry random xp crashes. please help :(

    hey guys

    i am running win xp pro and recently my pc just randomly crashes.

    it just freezes everything and i can't do anything, not even move the mouse.

    only way out is by pressing restart.


    athlon 1GHz
    256 MB PC100 ram
    geforce 2 32MB tvout
    512k cable modem / ethernet

    any idea anyone?

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    Was it a "Clean" install of XP or did you upgrade from another Operating System? Did you change your Video Card Drivers recently?

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    Hello there

    When the screen freeze happens use the "Ctrl+Alt+Del" function and find out which program is not responding. This will most likely be the problem child. On my systems (I have 3 on XP home) if the screen freezes in the fashion you have told us about this is what I do and it works well, the keyboard is still active at this point. Lets us know what you find please.............


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    in addition to the other posters, I had a similiar experience, however my system was very much different from yours therefore, this may help and then again it may not.

    My problem was my video card. It seemed I had a junk card! I popped it in, and it worked for about an hour very well, then it just randomly would lock my PC up. I thought it was overheating so I bought a new dragon orb fan, and tried it out with the same results. I then installed it in another PC, and the got the same results.

    My suggestion, update the drivers on your Geforce card first! You can get them at

    Second, replace your existing card with a cheaper one, or one from a friend. Or install your current card in another system. See if you get the same results. If you do you will know its the card.

    Also, make sure you got all the windows updates installed as well! Just open internet explorer, click on the tools tab, and then the windows update, follow the instructions.

    If that still does not help,
    Try a reinstall of windows XP, see if that clarifies matters.

    Now on to hardware. Try uninstalling all the non essential components, like USB devices, printers, sound card, extra CDROMS/DVD/etc...
    Do it one by one until you get it where it stops hanging on you.

    IF that doesnt work, try a motherboard BIOS (basic input/output system) Just do a search on your MOTHERBOARD's site.
    Another thing that might be hanging your system is your internet connection. Try running your machine without being connected for a day or so...
    See if that corrects the problem, if so consult with your ISP about this issue and see if they can offer an updated driver or patch...

    If none of this helps, and you still have this problem, post again and we shall see what we can come up with!

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    or try sfc /fix at the run fix your system files if your drivers are fine.

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    there have been anumber of posts on this subject in the xp newsgroups, i think in microsoft.public.windowsxp.help_and_support

    Search for random shutdown

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