My friends computer crashed and I am setting everything up for him again. I was able to reimage Windows 8.1 and that works OK. I am setting up his email using Outlook 2007 and an IMAP account which I guess is preferred by the internet provider. That works, kinda. If I select an email, and then click the red X at the top to delete the email, the email gets a line through it. I know I can then go to EDIT, PURGE DELETED MESSAGES, and then choose PURGE MARKED ITEMS FOR ALL ACCOUNTS. But that is stupid. I would prefer that when I choose a email and then click the red X at the top, that the email would go into the DELETED folder or the TRASH folder, and then I can EMPTY that folder when I want. Is there a way to do that ???? If not...if I chose to delete the IMAP account, and start over using an POP3 account, would the email messages still be there on his computer, or would they be gone ?? Thanks, Mike