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Thread: Add A Hdd To Your External Dvd Player

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    Add A Hdd To Your External Dvd Player

    Area 450 has several guides to adding hardware to the Sampo DVE631CF DVD player. Even if you don't own this model, the firmware for it has been ported to many, many other models (with annoyances like macrovision and region locking removed). This player had built in support for an IDE device (a flash card reader) so a standard IDE drive can be slaved to the dvd drive and the player can read from a FAT32 formatted disk. The player decodes mp3s and VCD files, so it's possible to turn it into a cheap mp3 jukebox, or store movies in vcd format. I hope that when DiVX support becomes more common in DVD players one of them will be able to support a hack like this. It would be really cool to have 100+ movies built in to my dvd player."


    I don't have this DVD player but it shouldn't be too difficult to find.
    I wouldn't mind trying this out.

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    no ned for a external dvd

    thiers the new modchip for xbox, from

    get the new intagrated modhicp and get info this one will do ftp for ya, all your divx, vcd svcd, mp3. andf it has a upgrable bios o nthe card! and a choise to add a 120 gig hd and a faster dvd drive so its very versitale and the facte that with this you can run software like linux or windows 2000 on the xbox!

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