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Thread: Internet Slang?

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    Internet Slang?

    ever wonder what the hell people are talking about in IM's, boards, or chat rooms. Here is a few definitions....thanks goes to Ken AKA Batman over at N|X|S

    2D2T too drunk to type
    2FU2T too intercourseed up to type
    2L8 too late
    4 for
    4GET forget
    AI as if / artificial intelligence
    AIIC as if I care
    AFAIK as far as I know
    AFK away from keyboard
    AIUI as I understand it
    AKA also known as
    ALTG act locally, think globally
    APF ******* pucker factor
    ASAP as soon as possible
    ASL or A/S/L age, sex, location
    ATM at the moment / according to me
    AUP acceptable use policy
    AYF all your fault

    B4 before
    B4N bye for now
    BB bathroom break
    BBIAB be back in a bit
    BBIAF be back in a few
    BBIAM be back in a minute
    BBIAW be back in a while
    BBL be back later
    BBL8R be back later
    BBS be back soon / bulletin board system
    BC because
    BF boyfriend
    BFF best friends forever
    BG bad game / big grin
    BLTN better late than never
    BM blow me / bowel movement
    BQ beyond question
    BRB be right back
    BRT be right there
    BS bullfeces
    BTW by the way
    BTB by the by
    BTDT been there, done that
    BYP beg your pardon

    C see
    C2C care to chat
    C&B crash & burn
    CSY can't stop yawning
    CTC care to chat
    CTN can't talk now
    CU see you / cracking up
    CUL see you later / catch you later
    CYA see ya
    CYS check your settings

    DC or D/C disconnected
    D&C duck & cover
    DIAFYO did I ask for your opinion?
    DILLIGAS do I look like I give a feces?
    DOA dead on arrival
    DL or D/L download

    EG evil grin
    EMD eat my dust
    EMS eat my feces
    EOD end of discussion
    EOL end of lecture

    F@ fat
    FAQ frequently asked questions
    FDD falling down drunk
    FF friendly fire / friends forever
    FFR for future reference
    FM from memory
    FO intercourse off
    FOAD intercourse off and die
    FOCL falling off chair laughing
    FON freak of nature
    FU intercourse you
    FUA frequently used acronym
    FUBAR intercourseed up beyond all recognition
    FWIW for what it's worth
    FYA for your amusement
    FYE for your enjoyment
    FYI for your information

    G grin / giggle
    G2G got to go (gotta go)
    GAL get a life
    GD&R grinning, ducking and running
    GDI god damn it / graphics device interface
    GF girlfriend
    GFC going for coffee
    GG good game
    GHSE go hassle someone else
    GILAU god is looking at you
    GJ good job
    GL good luck
    GMAB give me a break
    GMTA great minds think alike
    GR8 great
    GTG got to go (gotta go)
    GWS get well soon

    H4X0R hacker
    HAND have a nice day
    HPB high ping bastard
    HPW high ping whiner
    HTH hope this helps
    HWMBO he who must be obeyed

    IAC in any case
    IANAL I am not a lawyer
    IBTD I beg to differ
    IC I see
    ICU I see you / intensive care unit
    IDGARA I don't give a rat's ass
    IDK I don't know
    IIRC if I recall correctly
    IKWUM I know what you mean
    ILU I love you
    IME in my experience
    IMHO in my humble opinion
    IMNSHO in my not so humble opinion
    IMO in my opinion
    IOU I owe you
    IOW in other words
    IRL in real life
    IWUB I want you bad
    IYKWIM if you know what I mean

    J00 you
    JAM just a minute
    JAS just a second
    JIC just in case
    JK or J/K just kidding
    JMWU just messing with you
    JOO you
    JSYK just so you know

    KA keep away
    KMA kiss my ass
    KWIM know what I mean?

    L33T elite
    L8R later
    LAB life's a female dog
    LABATYD life's a female dog and then you die
    LBR little boy's room
    LGR little girl's room
    LIG let it go
    LMAO laughing my ass off
    LMFAO laughing my intercourseing ass off
    LMK let me know
    LMR lamer
    LOL laughing out loud
    LOTI laughing on the inside
    LPB low ping bastard
    LTA long time ago
    LTNS long time no see
    LTNT long time no type
    LY love you
    LYL love you lots
    LYLAS love you like a sister

    M8 mate
    MHR many happy returns
    MLNW make love, not war
    MMV mileage may vary
    MMW mark my words
    MOF matter of fact
    MOMPL a moment please
    MYOB mind your own business

    N00BIE or N00B an inexperienced person
    NAFAIK not as far as I know
    NBD no big deal
    NE1 anyone
    NEKKID or N3KKID naked
    NEWBIE or NEWB an inexperienced person
    NFW no intercourseing way
    NJ nice job
    NM nevermind
    NOYB none of your business
    NP no problem
    NRN no reply necessary
    NSD never say die

    OFO out for orgasm
    OIC oh, I see
    OMG oh my god
    OMFG oh my intercourseing god
    OMW on my way
    OOC out of character
    OS old school / operating system
    OTOH on the other hand
    OV opinions vary

    P? pardon?
    P2P person to person
    PAW parents are watching
    PCE present company excluded
    PEBKAC problem exists between keyboard and chair
    PH34R fear
    PIC picture
    PIR parent in room
    PITA pain in the ass
    PIX pictures
    PLMK please let me know
    PLS please
    PLZ please
    PMFJI pardon me for jumping in
    PO piss off / post office
    POS parent over shoulder / piece of feces / point of sale
    PPL people
    PS post script

    QQ quick question

    REP reputation
    RGR roger that
    RIP rest in peace
    RL real life
    RME rolling my eyes / raising my eyebrows
    RML read my lips
    ROFL rolling on floor laughing
    ROFLMAO rolling on floor laughing my ass off
    ROTFL rolling on the floor laughing
    ROTFLMAO rolling on the floor laughing my ass off
    RSN real soon now
    RWL roaring with laughter
    RTFM read the intercourseing manual
    RTM read the manual
    RYS read your screen

    SC sorry charlie
    SH feces happens
    SITD still in the dark
    SKITN swift kick in the nuts
    SMD suck my penis
    SMFC suck my fat penis
    SN screen name / serial number
    SNAFU situation normal, all intercourseed up
    SO significant other
    SOB son of a female dog
    SOHF sense of humor failure
    SOP standard operating procedure
    SOS same old feces / save our ship
    SOY shame on you
    SPAM stupid person's advertisement
    SRY sorry
    SS same feces
    SSDD same feces, different day
    STFU shut the intercourse up
    SU shut up
    SUP what's up?
    SWAK sealed with a kiss
    SWMBO she who must be obeyed

    TBH to be honest
    TBQH to be quite honest
    TBYB try before you buy
    TFTI thanks for the information
    TFTT thanks for the thought
    TGAL think globally, act locally
    THNX thanks
    THX thanks
    TIA thanks in advance
    TIC tongue in cheek
    TMLI that's more like it
    TPTB the powers that be
    TTFN ta ta for now
    TTL that's the limit
    TTM talk to me
    TTYL talk to you later
    TWLTN that will lead to nothing
    TY4WM thank you for warm welcome
    TY4TWM thank you for the warm welcome
    TYAM there you are mistaken
    TY thank you
    TYVM thank you very much

    U you
    UBB urgent bathroom break
    UPB urgent potty break
    UR you are

    VR virtual reality
    VS very soon
    VSN very soon now

    W2C want to chat
    W2T want to talk
    W8 wait
    W8N waiting
    WAB what a female dog
    WAEF when all else fails
    WB welcome back / write back
    WBS write back soon
    WFM works for me
    WIIFM what's in it for me?
    WN? what next? / what now?
    WOMBAT waste of money, brain and time
    WRT with respect to / with regard to
    WTC want to talk / world trade center
    WTF what the intercourse
    WTG way to go
    WTGB way to go buddy
    WTGP way to go partner
    WTH what the hell
    WTT want to talk
    WWNC will wonders never cease
    WYS whatever you say
    WYSIWYG what you see is what you get

    XOXO hugs and kisses

    Y why / yes
    YAAA you are an ass
    YAM you are mistaken
    YHIGA your help is greatly appreciated
    YHNWOK you have no way of knowing
    YMMV your mileage may vary
    YS you suck
    YW you're welcome

    ZZZ bored / sleeping

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    YW...imagine a whole thread of acryonms..that would be pretty funny IMHO

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    too "intercoursed up to type"???? That's a new one to me!
    That's hilarious!

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    now i dont have to search for the shite

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    holy almost need a college

    ^Eggheads creation!

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    i propose to make this a sticky

    its nice to use and i bet alot of people will use this as a reference to see what people said to them in chatrooms!

    wdyt-what do you think?

    on the other hand

    everyone is going to use this fulltime and we'll all resort to shorthand


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    done...great idea!

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    ISHICEAH: I'm so hungry I could eat a horse.
    Eating a lightbulb relishing on the procrastination of the rationalization of the disestablishment movement in the 1800s in Europe whence then was egotistical bastards were not unintelligently lived to see their timely undeaths in a very non-ungroovy way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hao2lian
    ISHICEAH: I'm so hungry I could eat a horse.
    Well, i take offense to that

    Somewhere in Texas , there's a Village missing it's Idiot

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    first time I heard of "I'm so hungry I could eat a horse" LMAO.

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    ISHICEAH seems kind of long to remember. I had heard of that phrase maybe a couple of times, with variations, but never of an acronym for it

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    gee there a lot of phrases. How are you supposed to remember them, might have to print the list out and stick on Monitor to refer to. LMAO :biggrin:

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