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Thread: XDocs, the PDF KILLER

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    XDocs, the PDF KILLER

    "XDocs," a code name for the newest member of the Microsoft Office family, streamlines the process of gathering information by enabling teams and organizations to easily create and work with rich, dynamic forms.
    Xdocs screenshot: CLICK to view a larger image

    The information collected can be integrated with a broad range of business processes because XDocs supports any customer-defined XML schema and integrates with XML Web services. As a result, XDocs helps to connect information workers directly to organizational information and gives them the ability to act on it, which leads to greater business impact.
    XDocs is just one example of how Office products will continue to be an integral part of both formal and informal business processes in increasingly connected organizations. We expect to make XDocs available in the middle of 2003.


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    Wow somebody was asking me about this kinda stuff just today. They need to make Pdf files dynamic and werk with MS 2K sql server, any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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