Announced back at Google I/O, some users are now getting early access to an incognito mode for Google Maps on Android that hides your data when you donít want it stored.

Some Google Maps users have been sent emails in the past 48 hours or so that invite them to join in on the incognito beta for Google Maps. This enables the incognito toggle in the Android app immediately, and once activated, the app relaunches with none of the searches, location data, or other activity in the app stored on your Google account.

When incognito mode is turned on in Google Maps, a black banner appears at the top of the interface that clearly indicates that the mode is turned on. As noted by a GIF shared by XDA, the usual blue location indicator also turns to a dark gray color. The folks over at Android Police also have an image that shows that this mode also translates over to Android Auto as well.

Unfortunately, thereís no indication as to when Google Maps incognito mode will fully roll out to users. Right now, the functionality is only available in this closed beta program.