Laptops and notebook PCs using Intelís first Tiger Lake chips will begin shipping in October, an Intel representative confirmed on Thursday.

Up to now Intel has been cagey, stating that the first laptops using its new Tiger Lake chips would be available this fall in time for the holiday season. Its presentation Thursday also clarified a fact that was left out of its press release: Two of the nine new Tiger Lake chips, the Core i3-1125G4 and Core i3-1120G4, wonít be available until 2021. Some observers grumbled that Intel should have waited to launch Tiger Lake until PC makers were ready to ship.

On Thursday, though, Intel somewhat nailed down the initial shipping date to October. That means that we have about a month to wait before reviewers and consumers begin putting Intelís boatload of benchmark claims to the test, and determining whether they should buy a notebook with an Intel 11th-gen Core (Tiger Lake) or an AMD Ryzen Mobile chip inside.