A redesign is coming to the desktop version of Wikipedia, which will be its first in ten years.

The change will be gradually rolled out with new features and interface tweaks, according to the nonprofit that oversees the website, the Wikimedia Foundation.

“If all goes to plan, these improvements will be the default on all wikis by the end of 2021, timed with Wikipedia’s 20th birthday celebrations,” the group wrote in a blog post.

Ironically, the encyclopedia site hasn’t undergone any major interface changes over the past decade, even though volunteers are constantly updating it with new entries and content. But now it's time to polish up the site, so that it can attract new users, who may have only recently begun going online.

“In order to welcome them to our projects and entice them to come back, we need to provide not only excellent content and an experience that is engaging and easy to use, but also an experience that is on-par with their perceptions of a modern, trustworthy, and welcoming site,” Wikimedia contributor Olga Vasileva wrote in the blog post.

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