As is often the case with newly launched game consoles, the PlayStation 5 doesnít support every feature you might have hoped for out of the box. In an interview with Japanese outlet AV Watch, Sony EVP Masayasu Ito and SVP Hideaki Nishino have addressed some of the functionality that wonít be there at launch.

Unlike the Xbox Series X, Series S, and the One X before them, the PS5 wonít output natively to 1440p monitors, instead scaling up from 1080p. Nishino says this is because Sony wanted to focus on TV support at first, but notes that thereís no technical reason why it couldnít be done and may be added if the company decides thereís enough demand.

The PS5 wonít have a web browser, breaking from the tradition set by the PS3 and PS4. Nishino doubts whether itís really necessary to have a discrete browser app beyond the browser capabilities used for certain network-based functions (presumably things like logging into some Wi-Fi networks or some publishersí own account systems).

PS5ís VR compatibility also feels a little lacking, with the need to apply for a free camera adapter and games only being able to run in PS4 backward-compatible mode. Nishino points out that some games might perform better anyway, however, while noting that heíd like to see a more suitable PS5 VR solution in the future but canít comment any further. Bloomberg reported earlier this year that Sony is working on a new PlayStation VR headset.

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