Zoom has become the dominant force in the videoconferencing space, and with more people working from home, the company apparently has ambitions to move in on other territory.

The Information reports Zoom is exploring ways to expand beyond videoconferencing with an email and calendar service. If true, the company could potentially pose greater competition to companies like Google and Microsoft, both of which offer a suite of enterprise software.

Zoom’s email service will allegedly be web-based and may be ready to test as early as next year. The company’s calendar service, meanwhile, is reportedly much farther off, with no timetable attached to the project. Both services will likely have deep integration with Zoom’s videoconferencing app, which put the company on the map this year thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic

Offering a full suite of productivity software could make Zoom increasingly competitive in a market dominated by Google and Microsoft. It’s a smart move on Zoom’s part, too. With COVID-19 vaccines slowly being distributed, companies may order employees to return to the office in 2021, which could see the usage of Zoom’s videoconferencing app decline.