After a major delay due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Universal Japans Super Nintendo World opens on March 18. The grand opening of the Nintendo-themed area will also kick off Universal Japans 20th Anniversary Celebration. This news comes less than a week after the announcement that Universal Orlandos version of the Super Nintendo World wont launch until 2025.

Super Nintendo World is a unique theme park. Not only is it the first park to use Nintendo characters and settings, but it also features a special Asobi experience, which lets fans play in the park by virtually collecting coins, keys, stamps, and other items by punching question mark blocks, naturally. The park then becomes its own kind of game, with guests comparing their scores and registering their progress to on-wrist Power-Up Bands and smartphones.

The park currently has two rides, one themed after Mario Kart and another themed around Yoshi, Marios companion/vehicular dinosaur. Late last year, Nintendo dedicated a miniature, real-life Nintendo Direct to the new park. The park contains all types of spectacular Mario-themed merch and food, which you can get a closer look at via the digital walkthrough on the Nintendo World website.