Google Photos is one of the most popular photo backup tools out there and its success can be attributed to more than free unlimited backups (only for some time more, though). The service has a powerful search engine that makes finding media as easy as describing it. Now, Google is making this process even easier with the arrival of filters.

While searching for images of a particular person, Photos now offers a row of filters right below the search field. Here, you'll be able to refine your search by selecting media types like videos, selfies, and screenshots. More importantly, you can add other people to your initial search to view images and videos that contain all the people you've selected. It has never been easier to find images of a specific set of people.

It's worth noting that search filters don't really add anything that wasn't possible before. For instance, typing "videos of me and Atreya in Himachal" in the search box already brings up the corresponding results. However, these new filters provide an intuitive visual interface that better markets Photos' powerful search capabilities.

The new filters don't seem to have rolled out widely yet and it's quite likely that it's part of a server-side test. That is, the feature isn't linked to a specific app version of Google Photos. However, you can try your luck out by updating the application on the Google Play Store or grabbing it from APK Mirror.

Android Police