In a blog post on Monday, WhatsApp officially announced joinable calls, a feature that allows users to hop onto group calls even if they have already started. If you missed an incoming group call or ignored it, WhatsApp now shows a “Tap to join” banner in the Calls tab to let you quickly join it (as long as the call is still going on). Moreover, users can also drop off and rejoin an ongoing group call, much like Google Meet and Zoom calls.

The incoming call UI for group calls has also been updated. Instead of the red decline button, there’s a new “Ignore” button, and a “Join” button has replaced the green receiving button. The new UI also shows you who has already joined the call and who has been invited but hasn’t joined yet.

Joinable calls with the new calling UI are rolling out to WhatsApp users starting today. Both these improvements are already live in the latest version of WhatsApp beta and will soon be making their way to the stable version.

XDA Developers