Today, Microsoft is rolling out a new build of Windows 11 to Insiders in the Dev and Beta channels, but thatís not all thatís new. To go along with the new build, Microsoft is also releasing a set of new app updates. These updates bring the design of the apps closer to that of Windows 11, making use of more rounded corners.

The first of these apps is the Snipping Tool. Microsoft actually teased the new Snipping Tool app a few days ago, and itís essentially a rebranded Snip & Sketch app. This new app includes some elements from the classic Snipping Tool, though. You can now choose a delay for taking a snip, and choose the snip mode before starting.

Otherwise, the features are similar to Snip & Sketch. You can quickly launch the app with the Windows key + Shift + S, and annotate your screenshots just like in the Snip & Sketch app. The app also has an improved dark mode, plus a new settings page.

Another app getting updated is the Calculator. The changes here are much more subtle, though. The app now uses rounded corners for its buttons, but otherwise it looks almost identical to the Windows 10 version. Another change is that you can now set the theme for the app separately from your system-wide theme.

A similar update is headed to the Mail and Calendar apps on Windows 11, which are part of the same package. The apps also now use rounded corners for many of their UI elements, and there are ďother adjustmentsĒ to the design, including some tweaked icons.

Microsoft says itís planning more updates to the existing apps in Windows, which makes sense. Eventually, all these apps should feel more at home on Windows 11 and offer a cohesive experience. The company has also teased a brand-new feature, Focus Sessions, which hasnít rolled out yet.