Windows 11 launched with a bug that caused AMD processors to perform worse on the new operating system. Then when this week’s Patch Tuesday updates rolled out, it seemed that the issues got even worse. Now, Windows Insiders in the Beta and Release Preview channels can grab Windows 11 build 22000.282, which contains a fix for the L3 cache issue that was affecting AMD processors in the original Windows 11 release. As previously reported, the issue with L3 cache was causing memory access to have additional latency, so applications that depended on memory access speeds could be as much as 15% slower on the original release of Windows 11.

This update should restore performance back to its usual levels, however, the other issue with AMD processors on Windows 11 doesn’t seem to have been fixed. That’s the problem where processors may not be able to assign a task to the fastest core available, which could impact the performance of apps that using only a single or a few cores. AMD seemed to indicate that a fix for this issue would be rolled out as a “software update”, rather than a Windows update, so we may have to wait for a new driver from AMD.

Aside from the fix for the L3 cache issues on AMD processors, today’s cumulative update for Windows Insiders includes a ton of fixes. This includes problems where some users may still see the Windows 10 taskbar instead of the newer one, and whole lot more.

XDA Developers