Your YouTube experience on mobile devices is changing as the video sharing service prepares to roll out a user interface makeover.

As The Verge reports, a new full-screen interface is being introduced that makes it easier to react to content, view comments, and share what you're watching. A Google spokesperson has confirmed the new interface is coming, but not everyone will receive the update immediately.

Features previously hidden in landscape view behind a swipe-up gesture on the "More videos" section are now front-and-center. As a result, the video scrubber sits noticeably higher on the page, and the "More videos" shortcut appears as a thumbnail preview in the bottom right corner.

There's also a new one-tap access to the comments section while in landscape—a function that previously required users to open the panel in portrait mode then switch into full screen. However, little has changed in portrait view, which already displays like, dislike, share, download, and save buttons below the player.