PlayStation exclusive Stray launched to rave reviews, but it seems that house cats are the game's biggest fans.

The standout game of the July PS Plus line-up, Stray places you in the furry paws of a lone cat to wander a dangerous cyberpunk city. There are charming robots to interact with, plenty of environmental storytelling to soak up, and a fair few carpets to scratch as you prance about the place as a cute tabby.

Cat lovers across the internet were unsurprisingly excited about the game, but theyre not the only ones who have fallen for the puzzle platformer. Many of their feline friends are just as captivated by Stray, as videos and pictures across social media show cats engrossed in the game.

Over on the r/playstation subreddit, users have been sharing images of their cats appearing completely hypnotized by the game. While Strays unnamed feline protagonist waltzes about on screen, many players pets look on enraptured.