The platform is splitting up its main "home" section into two tabs. The move is part of a push by Facebook to show users more entertaining, recommended content to become what cofounder Mark Zuckerberg has called a "discovery engine" as it seeks to better compete with rivals like TikTok for users' time and attention.

Now, when users open Facebook, they will see a home tab designed to help them discover new content based on personalized, machine learning-powered recommendations. The home tab will also feature Facebook Stories and Instagram Reels, which the company is now encouraging users to post to both platforms.

Beside the home tab will be a new "feeds" tab that won't contain any suggested content, but rather will let users see the most recent posts from friends, as well as groups and pages they follow. Within the feeds tab, users can also create a "favorites" feed to filter the friends, pages and groups they care most about.

Both tabs will still include advertisements, according to the company. And the other tabs users are used to, such as Facebook Watch and Groups, will remain the same.

"We understand you may want more options when it comes to sorting and seeing your content," the company said in a statement. "There are times you might know just what you're looking for say, the latest posts from your groups or you may want to encounter fresh, entertaining content."