In late January this year, Google previewed a new layout for Gmail with deeper Meet, Chat, and Spaces integration. Initially, the big G made the redesign available on an opt-in basis i.e., you had to switch to the integrated view manually. Then, in late June, it released the new Gmail look with Material You coating on top on an opt-out basis. Now, the company is rolling out the integrated view in Gmail to all users who have Chat turned on.

The new layout has a sidebar on the left that lets you quickly jump between your inbox, Chat, Spaces, Meet, and conversation bubbles for ongoing chats. If the other services are just noise for you, head over to the Quick Settings menu to toggle the apps displayed on the sidebaryou can only use Gmail and disable other services you are not interested in.

Besides the visual refresh, Google is also making Gmail search more powerful. With the help of search chips, you can narrow the search results, which should help you quickly find the mail you are looking for. Search chips first made their way to Gmail's mobile app in September 2021.

Additionally, Google announced that Gmail's search is being enhanced with "contextual contact suggestions with intent matching for names and email addresses." This will ensure that search suggestions are shown based on how likely they are to match a person's first name or email address instead of their last name. Finally, search results will display personalized suggestions based on how frequently you interact with a person using Gmail. These improvements are possible thanks to updated machine learning models.

The search improvements to Gmail are rolling out from today for Google Workspace and personal Google Accounts users. For Android tablet users, Google promises a major update later this year with better emoji, new accessibility features, "and a whole lot more."

Android Police