Today, Apple released small software updates for the iPhone and Apple Watch. Dubbed iOS 16.0.3. and watchOS 9.0.2, the updates are mostly focused on addressing a handful of bugs that users have experienced since the launch of iOS 16 and watchOS 9 last month.

iOS 16.0.3 claims to fix an issue where iPhone 14 owners on phone calls via CarPlay could barely be heard by the person on the other end, and another issue where Mail "crashes on launch after receiving a malformed email."

It also addresses notification delays and Camera app slowdown on iPhone 14 Pro models. Some users were complaining that the Camera app could take multiple seconds to launch in some cases, and they faced similar delays in switching modes within the app once it had launched.

The iPhone update doesn't add any new features, but several are coming in iOS 16.1. That release is expected in the coming weeks alongside the new version of iPadOS and, presumably, one or more new iPad models.

For its part, watchOS 9.0.3 addresses interrupted audio in Spotify, syncing errors with Wallet and Fitness when setting up a new Watch, a microphone bug, and an issue with snooze alarm notifications not behaving as expected.

Both updates are available on all supported devices today.

Ars Technica