Apple announced macOS Ventura at WWDC 2022 in June along with iOS 16. However, while the iOS update was released to the public in September, macOS 13 was delayed until October. Now Apple has confirmed that macOS Ventura will be available to the public next Monday, October 24.

macOS Ventura (or macOS 13) comes with several new features. The next version of the operating system enhances the continuity features between iPhone and Mac, so that an iPhone can now be used as a computer webcam. Another new continuity feature lets you transfer a FaceTime call from an iPhone to a Mac or vice versa.

Just like on iOS, iMessage users can finally edit and unsend messages on macOS. Mail has also been updated with options to unsend emails and Safari now supports passkeys, a new way to authenticate to apps and websites without a traditional password.

There are many other new features like Desk View, new gaming APIs, redesigned Game Center dashboard, Stage Manager, and a Weather app for the first time on a Mac.

According to Apple, macOS Ventura will be released for all users on November 24. The update requires a Mac introduced in 2017 or later. More details about macOS Ventura can be found on Apple’s website.

It’s worth noting that iOS 16.1 and iPadOS 16.1 will also be released to the public next week.