Millions of WhatsApp users have been alerted to an update that is set to change phone calls forever.

Voice calls have been available on the app for years, and the feature can be handy especially when you have access to WiFi - but no phone signal.

Now, the voice call feature is being tweaked slightly as the company tests a new update.

The new feature would let people create links to join a call, similar to setting up meetings on Zoom, or Google Meet - as many Brits working from home became accustomed to during the coronavirus pandemic.

Under the new update, users can schedule future calls, rather than having to set it up in the moment.

The change was spotted by technology investigators at WABetaInfo who found evidence of it in the beta trial version of WhatsApp.

The website reports: "If you want to check if you have this feature enabled for your account, just check the calls tab. If you see a new option called 'create call link': if this option shows up, it means you can already start creating a shareable link for calls."

Similar to FaceTime, Zoom, and Google Meet, you can choose whether you want the call to allow video as well as audio.

It will automatically convert to a group call when more than two people join, meaning you will be able to have conference call meetings on WhatsApp.

If the new update is available to you, users are being urged to only share links with people you trust to keep your device secure.

The feature is currently only available in beta right now, but experts said it will eventually roll out to the general release version of the app at an unknown date in the future.

The Mirror