Microsoft Teams is adding a new feature that most users probably didn’t know they wanted: Casual games. Starting today, Teams enterprise and education customers can now play Solitaire, Minesweeper, and other casual games in Microsoft Teams.

“Playing games with coworkers has a powerful ability to foster relationships and collaboration. Although some may consider games at work a distraction, the benefits are plentiful,” explained Nicole Herskowitz, VP of Microsoft Teams.

To prove her point, the exec mentioned a study by Brigham Young University showing that teams playing casual games together were 20% more productive than other teams participating in more traditional team-building activities. Microsoft’s selection of casual games can be played during Teams meetings, with some games like Wordament supporting up to 250 players.

All these games will be accessible via a new Games for Work pilot app in Teams. Once the app has been enabled by IT pros, users will be able to access games in Teams meetings on desktop and mobile.