Google is adopting continuous scrolling for desktop Search results as it did for the mobile website in October 2021.

Search has famously shown 10 blue links, though you’ve long been able to go up to 100 results per page from

Google says “you’ll now be able to see up to six pages of results” after reaching the bottom of a search results page, which is marked by a loading indicator and presumably faster than finding and clicking “Next.”

This is meant to make things easier, and it reflects the feed nature of countless modern services, though this is more common on mobile apps than desktop platforms.

For mobile, the company previously said that “most people who want additional information tend to browse up to four pages of search results.”

Google is also planning to add more Search box suggestions on mobile and richer layouts for key results. The desktop equivalent has yet to be detailed. It’s also slowly testing a new design for Search filters.

Continuous scrolling is coming first to desktop Google Search for English in the United States.