I had bought a Acer desktop computer that had Windows 11 installed from the factory a month ago. I do not like Windows 11, so I made that creation disc media etc and went back to Windows 10. All went well, and I started copying all my documents, pictures, music over to the new computer. I eventually discovered the DVD reader was not working. It had power, and I could hear it spinning etc. but it would not read the disc, music or video. I was online with Acer tech, and he said the DVD reader was too new for my discs, even though they all worked in my other computer. I thought that was a bunch of crap. I was also on line with Amazon, and they said that since the Acer guy could not help me, they, Amazon would send me a shipping label to return the computer, which I did. All was fine. Someone recently told me that maybe the DVD reader did not work was because I went back to Windows 10, and maybe the drivers were wrong. I think that is also a bunch of crap. Your opinions please. Mike