WhatsApp’s “companion mode” is rolling out for all beta users on Android, allowing them to sync chat history on up to four devices.

WhatsApp can only be verified with one number on one phone. But as WeBetaInfo reports, companion mode allows people to link their WhatsApp account to another mobile phone and use that phone to access their chats even if their primary phone is not connected to the internet. All messages sent to, from, and between linked devices are encrypted like normal.

It initially launched in late 2022 for a small group of beta testers, but now anyone in the program can try it out. The secondary devices can only be Android phones and tablets, though. WhatsApp for iOS is not offering companion mode yet, but an Phone or iPad user can link a second Android phone as their secondary device.

To link a secondary Android device using companion mode, users must download the latest beta of WhatsApp Messenger or WhatsApp Business from Google Play. Then, tap the overflow menu on the registration screen and click Link a device. After this, with WhatsApp open on their primary device, users must tap on Settings > Linked devices before pointing their device to their secondary device and capturing the QR code.

Potential limitations include not being able to manage broadcast lists and post a status update from the linked device. It’s also not possible to start chat backups with a paired phone.

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