Microsoft wants to lure more PC gamers to its Netflix-like Xbox Game Pass subscriptions—and it’s using subscribers’ friend networks to cast the net. As of May 2, the new program allows existing PC Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate subscribers to share 14-day trials with up to five friends.

Previously, the cheap way to sample PC Game Pass was through a $1 trial, which offered a full month of time to explore over 400 games for PC. This offer unfortunately died a quiet but sad death in late March 2023. Since then, gamers wanting to try the service have had to pony up for a full month, or hunt for a promotional card that offers a short trial.

PC Game Pass’s library includes titles from Microsoft, Bethesda, EA, and third-party studios. Subscriptions also offer additional in-game perks when you link your Microsoft account to other services (e.g., a Riot Games account). Like Netflix, new games are constantly added to the catalog, with others periodically leaving, as well.

Tied to the launch of co-op vampire-themed shooter Redfall, this current promotion seems aimed at drawing more PC subscribers to the Xbox Game Pass service. In an interview last fall with The Verge, Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer noted that while console subscriber growth had begun to slow, PC growth continues to climb. Figures released by Microsoft in October 2022 showed a 159 percent increase in PC Game Pass subscriptions.

Current subscribers can find Friend Referral invitations on the Game Pass Home screen (for both console and the Xbox app on PC), as well as on