Microsoft has confirmed that upcoming Windows 11 updates will provide built-in support for multiple archive formats such as 7-Zip and RAR files. This development implies users won't have to rely on additional tools or the standard Windows zip utility to compress files.

During the Build developer conference currently in progress, Microsoft shared its strategy to offer compatibility with a wide range of archive formats. These will include tar, 7-Zip, rar, gz, among others. This enhancement meets a persistent request from the Windows user base. While earlier iterations of the operating system had built-in support for zip archiving, this often proved inadequate when compared to alternative solutions. As a result, formats like 7-Zip and RAR necessitated the use of third-party tools such as WinRAR.

Microsoft stated that the support for these file compression formats will roll out in the upcoming week. However, it should be noted that it will feature as part of a preview version of Windows 11 and won't be included in the recent Moment 3 update.