Netflix is raising prices for some of its subscription plans, despite the success of its recent crackdown on password sharing.

The streaming giant said monthly charges for its UK basic service would rise by 1 to 7.99 and the premium option will increase by 2 to 17.99.

It reflects the firm's growing confidence, after adding 8.8 million subscribers from July to September. It was the most in more than two years.

For viewers in the US, the premium plan will cost $3 more per month at $22.99 (19.00). In France, premium subscribers will pay an extra 2 at 19.99 (17.40).

Netflix has been facing doubts about whether it can continue to draw in new members, as competition rises, prices climb and a Hollywood strike delays new releases.

In the first half of last year, it lost about one million subscribers, sending alarm bells ringing.

Much of the subscriber growth in the most recent quarter was driven by its move to start charging an extra fee - which amounts to a little less than half the 10.99 cost of its "standard" advert-free plan - to have more than one household on the same account.

The launch of a cheaper plan, with adverts, accounted for about 30% of sign-ups in countries where it was available, Netflix said.

BBC News