WhatsApp has continuously been improving its platform for the safety and security of its users. The messaging service has supported end-to-end encrypted chats and encrypted backups for a long time, but with increasing scams, they alone are not enough to protect your account. Considering this, the platform has added several new security features this year alone, like Chat Lock, Account Protect, and Device Verification. In early August, WhatsApp was spotted testing an email verification feature, which is now widely available to beta testers.

Your WhatsApp account is currently linked to your mobile number. This poses a security risk as if you can't access your number, you will be locked out of your WhatsApp account. This is why WhatsApp is working on linking your email address, thereby providing an alternative way to access your account.

If you are on the latest WhatsApp beta for Android, you should find the option to link your email address under WhatsApp Settings > Account > Email address. A six-digit verification code is sent to your email address as a part of the verification. The linking process clarifies that your email address will remain private and not viewable to anyone in your contact book. Additionally, you are free to use any email ID and are not limited to using the same account on which you back up your WhatsApp chats.

Once you link your email address, you can use it as an alternate way to receive the six-digit login code. This is currently delivered over SMS. However, there can be instances where you are not receiving the code due to network or server issues, so the alternate method is a welcome addition.

You still need a phone number to create a WhatsApp account. Linking your email address only provides an alternative login method. WhatsApp is working on username support for its platform, so linking your email account could come in handy then.

Android Police