Tesla is recalling nearly all 2 million of its cars on US roads to limit the use of its Autopilot feature following a two-year probe by US safety regulators of roughly 1,000 crashes in which the feature was engaged.

The limitations on Autopilot serve as a blow to Teslaís efforts to market its vehicles to buyers willing to pay extra to have their cars do the driving for them.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said the Autopilot system can give drivers a false sense of security and be easily misused in certain dangerous situations when a Teslaís technology may be unable to safely navigate the road. The over-the-air software update will give Tesla drivers more warnings when they are not paying attention to the road while the Autopilotís ďAutosteerĒ function is turned on. Those notifications will remind drivers to keep their hands on the wheel and pay attention to the road, according to a statement from NHTSA

After the recall, Teslas with Autosteer turned on will more routinely check on the driverís attention level Ė and may disengage the feature Ė when the software determines the driver isnít paying attention, when the car is approaching traffic controls, or when itís off the highway when Autosteer alone isnít sufficient to drive the car.

The recall was disclosed in a letter to Tesla posted by NHTSA, which said that Tesla had agreed to the software update starting on Tuesday that will limit the use of the Autosteer feature if a driver repeatedly fails to demonstrate he or she is ready to resume control of the car while the feature is on.