WhatsApp on Wednesday announced an update to its Channels feature, which lets someone broadcast messages to a large number of users who follow that channel. With the update, WhatsApp Channels now support audio messages, polls, and more.

According to WhatsApp, having the option to send audio messages is one of its users’ favorite features since 7 million audio messages are sent every day on the app. Because of this, WhatsApp is bringing audio messages to Channels. This means that channel administrators will be able to send audio messages to all their followers.

With today’s update, WhatsApp will also let users share polls in a channel. In addition, there’s now an option to share an update from a specific channel in WhatsApp Status. WhatsApp is also increasing the maximum number of administrators in a channel, which is now up to 16.

According to the company, the new features are now being rolled out globally and should be available to everyone soon.

In November, WhatsApp introduced a feature that lets users link their account to an email address, so that they can authenticate using email verification instead of SMS.