Microsoft is once again trying to push people to adopt its newest operating system via full-screen pop-ups.

As Windows Latest reports, the Windows 11 ad has been popping up for folks who installed the optional Windows 10 January 2024 update. You have to click through four pages that talk up the benefits of Windows 11; at the end, you can upgrade or keep Windows 10.

The pop-up extols the values of Windows 11, including more functions, better gaming experiences, and a new look and feel. It says the OS is "more fun" than Windows 10 and promises that all of your apps, games, and files will come with you when you upgrade.

As Windows Latest notes, Microsoft did the same in February and May 2023. Neither attempt moved the needle much. Worldwide Windows 11 market share inched up from about 19% to 24% between February and June 2023, according to Statcounter.

Currently, Windows 10 is the dominant OS with 66.45% global market share, followed by Windows 11 at 27.83%, and Windows 7 at just over 3%, Statcounter says.

Official support for Windows 10 ends on Oct. 14, 2025. Microsoft will offer a Windows 10 Extended Security Update (ESU) program to individuals and businesses for up to three years, though pricing has not been announced. Windows 12 is also potentially on the horizon.

PC Magazine