Meta is encouraging more users to post to its X rival Threads. In its latest experiment, the company is providing an easy toggle for users to cross-post from Instagram to Threads, the company told TechCrunch.

Earlier today, users shared that they saw control for cross-posting on their Instagram accounts. Users could cross-post an individual post to turn on the feature for all of them.

Meta confirmed to TechCrunch that it is running a global test to let users cross-post images from Instagram to Threads. That means you canít post Reels to Threads automatically. However, given Instagramís shift to promoting video, Threads might be a good place to promote your photography.

The company said that this is an opt-in experience, and you can turn it off at any point in time. When users cross-post their Instagram posts, the caption will become text for the Thread post, and hashtags will be converted into plain text.

Meta has used its other properties, including Facebook and Instagram, to promote Threads regularly. Last year, it started showing a carousel of suggested posts from Threads on both Instagram and Facebook. Earlier this year, the social media company also started testing cross-posting from Facebook to Threads.

In addition to the cross-posting test, Meta is also running an active creator bonus program on Threads to incentivize accounts with high follower counts to post on social networks. Last month, Threads passed the 150 million monthly active users mark, Mark Zuckerberg noted on the Q1 2024 earnings call.