Microsoft is finally adding an easy way to use QR codes inside Windows 11ís built-in Snipping Tool. A new update has started rolling out to Windows Insider testers today that will automatically detect QR codes in screenshots so you can open links from your PC. The Snipping Tool update also includes support for emoji.

The automatic QR code detection will appear if you enter the text actions part of the canvas in the Snipping Tool and will highlight the QR code and its clickable link. If youíre an emoji fan, then youíll be able to add Microsoftís 3D emoji to your screenshots. This new option is part of the shapes toolbar, and any inserted emoji can easily be resized and moved around on top of your screenshot.

Speaking of the shapes toolbar, Microsoft is adding the ability to change the opacity of shape fill and the outline colors. The ruler tool is also being reintroduced, and you can toggle this on or off with the CTRL + R keyboard shortcut.

Alongside this Snipping Tool update, Microsoft is also updating the name of the AI-powered Pain Cocreator feature. Itís now becoming Image Creator, but itíll work exactly as it does right now to let you create images from a text prompt.

The Verge