Instagram is testing ‘unskippable ads’ according to reports from some users, a feature it is calling an ‘ad break’.

Screenshots shared on X, formerly Twitter, show a countdown timer on the feed, after which a video ad post appears. Users cannot scroll past the post until the video has played in full.

Clicking on the info button reveals the following message: ‘You’re seeing an ad break.

‘Ad breaks are a new way of seeing ads on Instagram. Sometimes you may need to view an ad before you can keep browsing.’

Unsurprisingly, people are not happy about this move to push even more advertising.

On X, one user, Allie, wrote: ‘Oh my god, Instagram has added “ad breaks” where they won’t let you scroll past an ad until you wait three seconds.

‘I guess they’ll be my “get off Instagram” notifications.’

Another, Pamela Morales, said: ‘The unskippable ad breaks on Instagram are making me want to scream!’

A Meta spokesperson said: ‘We’re always testing formats that can drive value for advertisers. As we test and learn, we will provide updates should this test result in any formal product changes.’