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Thread: Can't scandisk/defrag Win98SE

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    Angry Can't scandisk/defrag Win98SE

    Hello All,

    Now that I've finally solved all my Audigy, ATI, Sis Drivers problems, I can't scandisk and defrag!!!!!

    I've done the three finger salute, nothing is running (or at least showing) in the close program window. Scandisk and defrag repeatedly start over and over. The only thing I've changed since formatting as far as software goes is Nortons Firewall 2003.

    Can anyone tell me where I can find what the heck is running in the background stopping it? I'm clueless here with nothing showing in the box.


    K7S5A ECS/Elite Mainboard - Sis Chipset
    900 MHZ AMD Duron
    Kingston 512 DDR
    120 GB WD Hard Drive
    ATI Radeon 7500
    Soundblaster Audigy Plantinum w/5.1 Cambridge SW Speakers
    Win98SE (fresh load!)
    Not sure if any of this helps but thought I'd include it anyway!

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    Running any screensaver? If so disable it. Also, you might want to run msconfig in the run menu, and disable anything that you don't need on the startup menu.

    Other than that, I would tell you to boot into safemode but alas this is windows 98. You could try a better disk defragger like Executive software's diskeeper. It seems to work pretty well, and it is what the MS defragger is based on.

    ABout scan disk, you can try doing that from a command prompt. just open up the ms dos prompt, (start, programs, accessories, MS-DOS, then type scandisk, should work.

    What is shutting it down could be anything. do you see any icons in the system tray?

    Last thing, try unplugging any externally connected devices, USB, Serial, modems, could be they are causing the disk activity.. especially the internet.

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    Go to start > shutdown > restart in DOS mode.
    Then at the C prompt type scandisk and hit enter.

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    When I ran 98 and I had that problem safe mode always worked for defrag.Because you are running a minimal amount of drivers there will be a better chance of it working.Also if you are running a bios activated boot sector antivirus scan shut that off in your bios.Let us know what happens.
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