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Thread: XP Remote Desktop question

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    Question XP Remote Desktop question

    I know that installing the Remote Desktop Connection Software on a Windows 2000 system will allow the Windows 2000 system to remotely connect to a computer running Windows XP Professional with Remote Desktop enabled, but will it also allow a Windows XP Professional computer to connect to the Windows 2000 computer that has Remote Desktop Connection installed? If so, how.

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    got this from microsoft
    you’re an IT administrator, Remote Desktop provides you with a rapid response tool: It lets you remotely access a server running Windows 2000 Server or Whistler Server and see messages on the console, administer the computer remotely, or apply headless server control.

    here is another good article but it says win 2000 server

    i dont know much on remote desktop but this should help, until someone posts some knowledge on the subject


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