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Thread: Audio problems with new PC

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    Audio problems with new PC

    Happy Holidays to everyone.

    I just built a new machine for a relative, using a KT3 Ultra2, 1600xp, Geforce3 Golden Sample, Crucial PC2100 256MB, a D-Link NIC, a Seagate 40GB HD, Lite-On LTR48246S, and Lite-On DVD 16x. Along with the XP OS, the following software was included: Norton AV, Sygate Pro, Ad-aware plus, Adsubtract Pro, Win DVD Platinum, and EZCD Platinum (with two patches).

    The computer was running fine the day I was there, but of course, problems are beginning to surface now that I'm not there. She says that all the computer audio is breaking up and sounds as if it's underwater, whether it's the OS's sound effects or playing an mp3. Again, the sound was crystal-clear when I was there just the other day. She's also getting script errors whenever using WMP.

    I haven't seen this all for myself yet (I'll be dropping by tommorrow), but I thought I'd run it by this board just to see if anyone might have a guess as to where the conflict might be. Thanks.

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    Tech books written seven to ten years ago (pre plug and play) would spend a lot of time discussing the audio card. The reason was that most setup problems during that period resulted from the audio card. In those days it used more I/O resources than any other component in the system.

    Plug and Play has improved audio setup however it can still teach you new "four letter words".


    Go to motherboard web site and download latest audio drivers. Also look at FAQs to see if the problem and a fix have been documented.

    Even if you have the latest driver. remove the sound components from within the device manager and then reboot to reinstall those components.

    I did not provide step by step instructions because it sounded like you knew your way around the setup procedure. If you need more detail, let me know.

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