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Thread: Msn Messenger and Web Cams

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    Msn Messenger and Web Cams


    Does anyone know why MSN messenger will not use the Creative Vista Webcam.

    The camera is working fine using its own software and also within MS Netmeeting, however when trying to use it with MSN it says that the camera is "in use" by another program despite nothing actually using.

    I am also having trouble finding much out about the Creative Vista webcam as Creative don't appear to list it on their site.

    Any help appreciated



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    Have you looked in task manager under processes to see if there is any related software that may be using it.
    Is there any kind of hardware detection software running in the background that may be conflicting with the MSN initialization.

    I had a quick browse of the Creative support forums,and it seems quite a few users are having the same problem as you,but unfortunately nobody over there has found a solution.

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