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Thread: running office 2000 on WXP

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    running office 2000 on WXP

    I got a computer with XP already installed as the OS and have tried installing my Office 2000 CDs. However XP doesn't recognise the clip gallery on the CD (student licence and can't install all of clip art on the HD- only runs from the CD under ME on my laptop but has a more user friendly search option than XP). I have tried using the clip organiser 'add clips' and 'insert picture from file' (clips are organised by number on the CD and so aren't easy to find and can't be found using the normal search).

    Can any one help? Are there any other forums where there are issues raised about running ffice 2000 on XP?

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    Welcome to Techzonez.

    The only conflicts with xp and office 2000 that i have come across are if you have MS Works installed as well.
    If you have got Works installed on your system,i would uninstall it first then try Office 2000.

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