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Thread: minimized browser windows

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    Question minimized browser windows

    A couple of weeks ago (maybe longer - don't remember exactly) all of the shortcuts to browser windows (for example Google, CNN, USA Today, etc.) that I have on my desktop suddenly started opening in minimized windows. I have to click maximize to get the full screen.

    I do not believe I did anything to cause this to change from how the windows were opening. A Friend just sent me an email and said they had downloaded a new version of Outlook Express and now their shortcut windows were opening minimized - they wanted to know if I had downloaded the new version of Outlook express and if I had the same problem.

    I do not use Outlook Express - I use Outlook, but I do pretty much automatically apply any new software fixes that Microsoft has. My platform is Win 2000 pro and I have all of Microsoft's fixes and service packs applied.

    I have tried to find a setting that would cause the short cut windows to open maximized, but have been unable to find any.

    If I open a new browser window using "favorites" - the window opens full screen, but if I attempt to open the same browser window from a shortcut - it opens minimized.

    If anyone knows how to get the short cut browser windows to open full screen, please let me know.



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    YOu know Tomy, I had this same issue, I recently did the updates on the MS site and it resolved itself. But for a time it was very annoying...
    I would suggest trying to do all the updates that you can. If that doesn't work, try setting your IE to default settings in the tools internet options, Programs, Reset Web Settings tab...

    If that doesn't fix it, try a system restore.
    Hope that helps,

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    mine just started to do something similar. It opens in a small window. I can't figure out what I did. So ive just been going back to opera till I get sick of it and do conan's infamous reformat.

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    Since I've been using Norton Ghost, I haven't reformatted in ages (2 months) !

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