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    Ultimate MOHAA MODS

    While searching for new maps for MOHAA and the expansion pack Spearhead, I stumbled upon several sites that offer mods and I thought I would share the best with the TZ community. If you are into MOHAA I am sure you will find these useful.


    Over 2000 mods to the MOHAA game. Very extensive with a great rating system to show you how many times a particular download has been downloaded and they even offer their own rating of the mod.

    Platoon MOHAA downloads

    An extensive selection of mods including skins, maps, weapons, sounds, blood, etc... I downloaded nearly every single one of their mods for later use.


    Again another extensive set of realistic looking maps for MOHAA and the expansion pack. All have a thumbnail for viewing of the maps.


    They have skins down to the article. You select the article and they have a skin for it. Very amazing.

    Planet MOH

    A lot of skins, this particular link shows their skin of the week. I was surprised to see a Christmas skin out with elves and Santa Claus.

    Planet MOH

    Same site but with links for their map selections. Quite extensive and a few originals. I liked the Omaha 2 Map the best but Stalingrad 2 looked fairly interesting as well. Unfortunately they use file planet and you have to wait, but I think it is worth it.

    And finally, my last link for today in this thread:


    Over 700 Mods to choose from. Enjoy them as they are all freely available and ready to download.

    Know of another site worth noting? By all means post it up.

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